Welcome to the Western Queens Community Land Trust!

Western Queens Community Land Trust (WQCLT) is a non-profit organization made up of activists, small business owners, professors, artists, students, and community members who fight for democratic and equitable land use in Western Queens.

Our communities in Western Queens have been devastated by rampant and encroaching gentrification, which has devastated communities and threatened to turn the neighborhoods we call “home” into playgrounds for the wealthy.

Our Latest Work

We’re working on establishing a multi-site, multi-focus community land trust (CLT) to slow gentrification and act as a stabilizing force across Western Queens, from Hunters Point to Flushing.

The first phase of this project aims to convert more than 600,000-square-foot, publicly owned Department of Education building in Long Island City into a CLT to create deeply and permanently affordable manufacturing jobs, as well as artist and community spaces. CLTs could be included in subsequent phases to provide affordable housing, commercial space, and other public amenities.